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Pokemon Cosplay at ACen


Anime Central (ACen) 2013 has come and past. ACen is the largest anime convention in the midwest and is held in Rosemont, Illinois each year in mid-May.  Last year there were over 24,000 attendees over three days.  There was not just one, but two Pokemon Cosplay meetups there and we were there to snap some shots. Luckily, we didn’t need any bait to get these pictures!

Check out the gallery of pictures that we took on Saturday after the break!


Many Pokemon cosplayers were in attendance at ACen, with many Ashes, Mistys, and a variety of other characters from the games and show.


Don’t look!  Is a visual MissingNo going to screw up your computer?  Just remember not to save it!



The bug catcher and other pokemon work well together.  I guess the bug catcher spotted a helpless trainer on the road.


And we’ll leave you with a baby pikachu.  Or is that a pichu?  Not sure what to think here.

[Hat tip to my friend A. Tilley who helped me with these shots]


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