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Pokemon Cosplay Showcase

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″][URL=”″]Armoured MewTwo[/URL] by [URL=””]droemerda[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]

Hello everyone! I’m delighted to share with you today the subject of…

[B]Cosplay[/B] – The art of dressing up as something from a Movie, TV Series, and of course, Video Game Series. The Pokemon fandom are no exception in this art form and is no doubt full of amazing quality Cosplayers! Today I would like to share with you all some quite stunning Pokemon Cosplays! Please do read on…

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″][URL=”″]Articuno used Fly[/URL] by [URL=””]kaiser-mony[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Let’s start with this beautiful Articuno cosplay. Those wings are amazing, so large and realistic! The chest feathers are a top design choice, letting you take one look and go, “Yep, that’s Articuno!” haha~ The dress works well with the combination of blue and white. Gives it a very ice-type feel! Can we also admire the hair? It has a nice balance of wave a curl, not to mention the bangs are styled up just like the Pokemon! A wonderful cosplay indeed!

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″][URL=”″]Ho-Oh Cosplay by [URL=””]FaytheCosplay[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Now this Ho-Oh is absolutely gorgeous. This cosplayer designed and made such a beautiful cosplay! It stays human while still being recognizable and is of course gorgeous! I just love the colors so much! The location is also wonderful, the leaves adding that fire feel to it! It’s so mystical! This is truly a fantastic cosplay, yes!

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″]Formal Eeveelutions by [URL=””]RamenCon[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
This group of friends decided on formal versions of these Eeveelutions: Glaceon, Jolteon, Leafeon, and Espeon!
They did an absolutely beautiful job in dress selection! Each fits them well and is absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention very fitting for the Pokemon they are!
This lovely photo just goes to show that cosplay isn’t just a one man thing! You can band together with fans, making many friendships and sharing experiences with wonderful people! These four know what’s up for sure! And just to show you how close to home cosplay can be, the Leafeon in this photo is our very own [URL=””]Caite-chan[/URL]!

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″][URL=”″]Emerald Dragon[/URL] by [URL=””]KOCosplay[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
First off, I absolutely adore this design! One of my favorite Rayqaza cosplay designs! Original and fantastic, along with being truly recognizable! This cosplayer did an amazing job and the shooting location is even better! The material and color are perfect and the backdrop adds well to the overall legendary feel to the cosplay! Truly wonderful work here!

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″][URL=”″]Yveltal arrives at Connichi[/URL] by [URL=””]FlameTorchic[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Kalos may still be a very new region, but that doesn’t stop cosplayers! This one made an absolutely amazing Yveltal fur suit! The design is spot on, I mean it looks like it stepped right out of the game! A perfect pose, wonderful craftsmanship, and did I mention the suit lights up?

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″][URL=”″]Yveltal Fullsuit: Nightglow[/URL] by [URL=””]FlameTorchic[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Yep! It does! Truly an amazing cosplay indeed!

[SIZE=10][COLOR=”#A9A9A9″][URL=”″]Lucario Cosplay[/URL] by [URL=””]scatnix[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE]
And lastly my personal favorite… Lucario! This cosplayer made a fur suit of my favorite Pokemon! They nailed the color, and such lovely ears! Also the muzzle is the perfect shape and the material looks soft without being overly fluffy. A lovely job and it fits their body nicely as well!

And those are the top six I would like to share with you all. I hope you have enjoyed reading this, and maybe this has even inspired you to do some cosplaying of your own! As a cosplayer, I can say it is a very fun and wonderful activity. It has given me so many wonderful memories and lead me to make the best friends I’ve ever had.
Do you cosplay yourself? Or have you maybe come across one that really made your heart jump? Please do share it with us! We would love to see them with you as a community and family!

That concludes my report. Thank you very much for reading! Much love, and good battles.

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