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Pokemon GameCube Controllers Are Coming!

Pikachu GameCube Controller
Need more Pokemon on your Switch?

Then worry not! You can soon get various different Pokemon themed GameCube Controllers for your Switch!

These Pokemon themed GameCube Controller will feature either Espeon, Pikachu or Umbreon. They will be adaptable with your Switch and feature wireless capabilities. Each one will feature an indicator that will let you know when your controller is running low on battery. These controllers will need two AA batteries in order to be functional. Lastly, the controllers will feature motion controls and system buttons added for compatibility across all Nintendo Switch games.

You can pre-order these controllers on Amazon. Below are the links.

Pikachu GameCube Controller
Espeon GameCube Controller
Umbreon GameCube Controller

Could this mean that we will be able to play Pokemon Sword & Shield using GameCube controllers? Who knows. It could be just another thing for Pokemon collectors to collect as they eagery await news for Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Do you plan to get these controllers? Let us know in the comments!

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