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Fairy-type Joins the TCG, Mega Stones, and More

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With Dragon-types now part of the TCG as of last year, there was some discussion if whether there would be Fairy-type Pokemon introduced into the TCG. Now confirmed, rest assured fairy lovers and dracophobics, Fairy-type Pokemon are making their way to the TCG. While we know it will be strong against Dragon-types in the games, questions remain on what it will be weak to in both the TCG and the games.

On another note, Mega Evolution is explained in a bit more sense. A Pokemon must have a Mega Stone attached in battle. Upon doing so, a colorful button seen on the battle interface will appear, allowing your Pokemon to go into Mega Evolution when tapped.

More news include being able to ride more Pokemon beyond Gogoat, such as Skiddo and Rhyhorn. You will also be able to battle Professor Sycamore. This marks the first instance where a Pokemon Professor could be battled.

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