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Pokemon GO Fest 2023! Dates!

Pokemon GO Fest 2023
Time to head to a fest!

As in Pokemon GO Fest 2023! Which will be located in three different locations with a worldwide event happening.

Below are the dates for the upcoming GO Fest for 2023.

  • GO Fest London 2023- August 4th – 6th in Brockwell Park
  • GO Fest Osaka 2023- August 4th – 6th in Expo ’70 Commemorative Park
  • GO Fest New York 2023- August 18th – 20th in Randall’s Island Park
  • GO Fest Global 2023- August 26th to 27th

For the in-person GO Fests

If you plan to go to an in-person GO Fest, then expect to play $35 dollars. This will include experiences within the park and in the city. You can also pay for add-ons such as the following.

  • Raid Lover – Get up to 18 free Raid Passes, 5,000 additiona Experience, 6 Additional Candy and 3 Candy XL for 5 and Mega Raids for $15 dollars.
  • Egg-thusiast – 25% Egg Distance, increased chance of 10km eggs, 3x Hatch Stardust, 3x Hatch Experience, 3x Hatch Candy for $15 dollars.

In order to extend for city wide play then you will need to pay $20 dollars.

For the Global GO Fests

You can purchase tickets for the Global GO Fest right now for $14.99. If you purchase your ticket before July 5th, then it will come with Timed Research.

Excited for GO Fest 2023? Let us know! Best of luck in your catches!

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