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Reminder! New 7 Star Tera Raid! Today!

Inteleon Raid
Better stay warm! Inteleon is coming!

The next 7 Star Tera Raid Event is here! And it is going to get cold!

It is now time! Inteleon with the Ice Tera Type is going to be in 7 Star Tera Raids this weekend! This event will run from April 28th through 30th.

Inteleon the Mighty Details

This Inteleon will have the Ice Tera Type. It can be found in Seven Star Raids and will be at Level 100. When captured, Inteleon will have the Mightiest Mark.

If you decide to take on Inteleon then you can expect it to use several different types of moves. Some of them include various Ice type moves like Ice Beam and Snowscape. We will also assume it will have powerful Water attacks like Hydro Pump, Surf and Snipe Shot.

Remember, you can only catch one Inteleon from the event. Though, you can battle it as many times as you want for some amazing raid rewards!

Inteleon the Mighty Advice

It is currently too early to predict what type of Pokemon will be used for this event. While it may be tempting to use Fire type Pokemon for this event. You will need to be careful! Inteleon will for sure just snipe you with powerful Water attacks. This will wash away any Fire Pokemon you will bring.

I would rather suggest use powerful Fighting and Steel type Pokemon. Inteleon may try to use Flying type attacks to counter your Fighting type Pokemon. Though, they may not do that much damage. Meanwhile, your Steel Pokemon will resist Inteleon’s attacks.

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