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Pokemon GO Fest is a Go This Summer!

GO Fest 2021
Do you hear that? GO Fest is coming!

And you will want to dance! This year GO Fest will be worldwide!

Pokemon GO Fest is coming this Summer as a worldwide event during the weekend of July 17th to 18th! Expect to see plenty of amazing Pokemon who are going out for the 4th GO Fest hosted by Niantic.

Details for this year’s GO Fest are not being revealed just yet. Though, Niantic are promising that it will be big! Especially because this will be Pokemon’s 25th anniversary and the five year celebration for Pokemon GO.

Our Thoughts

If you are asking us what you can expect then listen up. Based on the GO Fest logo, we see music notes. I suspect the feature Mythical Pokemon will be Meloetta. This Pokemon is based on music and the shade of green used in the logo do matches Meloetta’s colors.

Another guess that we can have is that you can expect Mega Evolution at the center of this year’s GO Fest. After all, Mega Evolution was the big thing that was introduce into Pokemon GO this past year. Maybe the introduction of a Legendary Mega Pokemon.

Whatever Niantic has plan for GO Fest 2021, you can expect it to be big! Stay tune as details will be coming soon. Lastly, expect to get up and GO this July 17th to 18th!

Source: Pokemon GO

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