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Crossroads Comics #146-The Forgotten Mimikyu

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for Crossroads Comics!

This week we’re jumping back over to the ask blog circle to review a beloved member of the community: The Forgotten Mimikyu by vall007. This blog follows a single Mimikyu living in a distortion world. Presumably one of the only surviving Pokemon living in this world, the Mimikyu keeps themself busy by collecting things and interacting with the hivemind of Unown that inhabit this world. Today I’ll be taking a look at what makes this blog so interesting, which includes an overview of the blog’s story and worldbuilding, the blog’s art style, and then the blog’s author, since these are all key aspects that make the blog such a beloved part of the ask blog community at large. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Spoilers Ahead

I have a brief overview of the story at the start so we’re not going to beat around the bush here, we’re just going to get right into the spoiler territory. As previously mentioned, The Forgotten Mimikyu follows a nameless Mimikyu living in a distortion world. Left with nothing but plentiful portals and a few Unown, they busy themself by collecting any items that fall through the portals. Items aren’t the only things that fall through though as occasionally people do too, and this Mimikyu has taken up the mantle of guiding the so-called “lost ones” out of the distortion world before they get stuck there forever. But this cutesy exterior of a story makes way for something much much darker.

As revealed through a series of Munday asks back on February 1, while our resident Mimikyu might be quite cheerful, the world of The Forgotten Mimikyu is not. Vall007 briefly gave us a small glimpse into the fates of various legendaries when faced against some form of world ending evil. It left us with a lot more questions than answers but did really well to shape the world and show us exactly how grim the world outside of the distortion world is. For example, the entry on Darkrai mentions the “threat of the Devourer” growing as it consumed more people and Pokemon. Darkrai attempted to fight against the Devourer, but in the process was consumed as well, resulting in a revelation that none had witnessed before, “in devouring others it could twist and corrupt their power.” From Darkrai came “The Infection”, another entity that worked alongside this Devourer, and as a result, the end of the world drew ever closer. The other legendaries met similar tragic fates: Celebi was consumed and became “The Herald”, Shaymin tried to purify the corruption in the world but ended up becoming corrupted themselves, Reshiram accidentally killed Zekrom before allowing themself to be devoured in guilt, and more. This is only further backed up by Mimikyu’s reaction to an ask from The Shaymin Cafe. Upon interacting with Rosemary the Shaymin, the little Mimikyu was overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry as they embraced the Shaymin.

Additionally, as was recently revealed, it seems our little Mimikyu isn’t quite as wholesome as we’d like to think. The trauma of this whole situation appears to have had some sort of adverse effect on them, though exactly to what extent is unknown at this time. Mimikyu has also hinted at being a victim of the Devourer, with their ear being a remnant of a former injury. Currently, we don’t know much, but I’m sure as we speak with them and the Unown more in the future, we’ll find out more.

Spoilers End

Another aspect of this blog that makes it so interesting is its art style. Normally I let the art speak for itself, but in this case I felt it was necessary to briefly touch on it if only to emphasize just how it adds to the blog’s aesthetic. The Forgotten Mimikyu, and vall007, are notable for their unqiue crosshatching traditional artwork that is instantly recognizing no matter which part of the ask blog community they’re in. Despite the color limitations they face due to working traditionally, vall007 does an amazing job of getting by on what they can and still making the characters distinguishable and recognizable. Occasionally they do do digital answers as well, which makes for an interesting and neat change of pace too, especially since in recent updates it’s helped to indicate a change in perspective. For the most part though, vall007 sticks to this adorable crosshatch style that I, and more others, adore!

Finally let’s talk about vall007 themself since they are a big reason why so many people know about their blog. Known for their love of Mimikyus and unique crosshatching style, vall007 has entered into the hearts of many in the community by creating unique fanart for many different blogs. This fanart isn’t just any old art though, rather, vall007 puts a unique spin on the art that makes it truly theirs by drawing the subjects as Mimikyus! It’s a really cute way to show your adorable for a set of characters especially since I can guarantee it’s probably not something many people would have received in the past.

If you’re interested in checking out The Forgotten Mimikyu you can find the ask blog on Tumblr. You can also follow vall007 on Tumblr as well!

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