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Pokémon GO Gameplay Details

Pokemon Go

Some specifics about how to play the highly anticipated Pokémon GO mobile app game have been released. Players can not only train Pokémon they’ve caught, but level up their player profile as well. As players reach higher levels they can catch more Pokémon to fill out their Pokédexes and access more powerful items like Great Balls.

In order to evolve their Pokémon players must catch multiple Pokémon of the same species until they are given the option to evolve one of them. Eggs also make an appearance in the game, which hatch after walking a certain distance. They may hatch into Pokémon the the players have never seen near their homes before. Pokemon Eggs can be found at special locations called PokéStops.

PokéStops are situated at interesting places like art installations, historical markers and monuments. Players can find items like PokéBalls there too. At some point players will be asked to join one of three teams. Once this happens, they can assign Pokémon they’ve caught to Gym locations.

Gyms are located in the real world like PokéStops. Each player can only place one Pokémon at a particular Gym. If a Gym is empty players can claim that Gym in their team’s name. If a Gym already has Pokémon from a player’s team assigned to it then the player can add one of their Pokémon to the Gym to help defend it. If a Gym is already claimed by another team players can challenge the gym with their Pokémon to gain control of it.

There are a variety of challenges in different categories for players to take on like catching Pokémon and exploration. Players can unlock achievement medals by completing these challenges. These medals will be displayed in their player profile.

Visit for even more details and click here for a look at recorded gameplay footage.

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