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Pokemon GO Player Reaches Trainer Level 50

level 50
It has finally happened

Pokemon GO player FleeceKing is the first player in the world to reach Level 50. He did so live on Twitch earlier today with an audience of 5000 people.

In order to reach this milestone, FleeceKing, not only had to accumulate 176 million XP, but also a series of tasks at each level. The final hurdle to TL50 requires trainers to earn 30 million XP, make 999 Excellent Throws, Catch a Legendary Pokemon within 5 encounters, defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader 3 times with a team of Pokemon 2500 CP or less, and reach Rank 10 in GO Battle League.

FleeceKing had no trouble gaining the XP needed however as he has accumulated 700 Million XP since he began playing back in September of 2017. I have no doubt that he will also have enough to reach TL60 if the time ever comes for Niantic to raise the level cap again.

A Second Trainer Reaches the Top

16 minutes after FleeceKing, another Trainer, Lauren Bertoni, also reached TL50. Both Lauren and FleeceKing reside in Australia, where the increased level cap began beta testing late last year.

With the good news, also comes controversy, which seems to be unavoidable in the Pokemon community. Recently a group of players hit level 48, and while grinding their way to 49, their progress was reset back to 48. Niantic rectified this by bumping up SOME of the affected players, including Lauren, up to 49, automatically completing the tasks necessary to advance. Some felt this gave Lauren an unfair advantage in the race to the top. But the negative comments didn’t stop her from reaching her goal. Niantic has not responded to comments on this matter, but it is assumed they are still working to address the situation.

Congrats to FleeceKing and Lauren Bertoni, You two are absolutely an inspiration to all Pokemon GO players around the world!

See you around, Genesect!

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