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Pokemon GO Raid Updates, Remote Raids and More!

Pokemon GO is going to lead the raid!

By making it easier to raid in the upcoming weeks! That is because they are celebrating raiding thanks to the release of their new Remote Raid Pass!

Remote Raid Pass Celebration

Pokemon GO has finally release the Remote Raid Pass (which will be discuss in detail later) and they want to celebrate! That is why during the month of May it will be Remote Raid Pass Celebration.

Plenty of familiar faces will be Five Star Raids during the month of May. You can see some recent favorites such as Darkrai, Altered Forme Giratina and Virizion. Below is when you can find each Pokemon in Five Star Raids.

4/28 to 5/5: Darkrai
5/5 to 5/12: Altered Forme Giratina
5/12 to 5/19: Virizion

All three Pokemon will be available for a week in Five Star Raids. If you are lucky then you will also all be able to be find them in their Shiny variants.

Remote Raid Pass Details

Remote Raiding
Players can now get a hold of Remote Raid Passes. This Raid Passes will allow player to take part in raids that they can see on their Nearby list in Pokemon GO. In order to get one a Remote Raid Pass then trainers will need to be at least Level 5 in Pokemon GO.

Currently, those with Remote Raid Passes will do the same amount of damage as those are at the actual location of the gym. Though, this will change later in the future to where those using Remote Raid Passes will do less damage.

Also, as of right now only ten trainers can participate in a Raid using a Remote Raid Pass. This will change later to only allow five players with a Remote Raid Pass.

The combat power that players and the number of players using a Remote Raid Pass are temporary and will change in the future.

If you want to get your hands on a Remote Raid Pass then you can look in the Pokemon GO Shop. Currently you can buy a single Remote Raid Pass for 100 PokeCoin or three Remote Raid Passes for 250 PokeCoin. You can only hold up to three Remote Raid Passes.

1 PokeCoin Bundles

If you are wanting a cheaper way to get some Remote Raid Passes then you are in luck! That is because one of the two 1 PokeCoin Bundles is offering some Remote Raid Passes.

The first 1 PokeCoin Bundle will offer three Remote Raid Passes for 1 PokeCoin.

The second 1 PokeCoin Bundle will offer trainers 20 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries and 15 Razz Berries.

Best of luck to players raiding from home!

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