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Pokemon GO with Team Rocket!

Pokemon GO Rocket
Soon you can look as if you are in Team Rocket!

Pokemon GO has recently added some new apparel for trainers in Pokemon GO. These new threads will allow anybody to look as if they are in Team Rocket. That is all thanks to the new Team Rocket avatar items in Pokemon GO.

Players in Pokemon GO can now purchase clothes in style of Team Rocket uniforms. Players can dress up in the original Team Rocket uniform that features the red R emblem. You can also dress in the new Rainbow Rocket uniform with the rainbow color R emblem. This three piece out will cost trainers 1000 Pokecoin to purchase both uniforms. This cost includes a skirt for girls or pants for boys, a hat, the red R emblem top and rainbow R emblem top. If you wish to purchase only one of the tops then it will simply close 600 Pokecoins.

You may not be able to join Team Rocket in Pokemon GO but you can look as if you are in it! Happy catching!

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