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Pokemon Mini-Games on Facebook!

Pokemon Twoer
Love playing games on Facebook?

Then get ready to play some games with Pokemon! That is because two new mini-games have hit Facebook involving Pokemon!

Pokemon Tower

Pokemon Tower is a stacking game that allows you to play with different people. This game has you stack different Pokemon to create the tallest tower. The taller your tower, the more Pokemon you are able to unlock and level up your tower.

If you want to play Pokemon Tower then you are in luck! Pokemon Tower is available worldwide for all to play on Facebook.

Pokemon Medallion Battle

Pokemon Medallion Battle
The other Facebook game is called Pokemon Medallion Battle. this game is a TCG-like game that have the Pokemon in the form of medallions. Players are encourage to collect medallions of various Pokemon. You are then able to battle by taking part in a gym system. The game promises to introduce new Pokemon medallions each month.

Currently the game is only available in Asia on Facebook.

Source: PokeJungle

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