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Fantastic Fan Art: Whitney!


Are you ready for summer? We all know that summer time is the best time to pull out the swimsuits and have fun! Today on Fantastic Fan Art we are going to be doing just that!

Today we are going to be looking at some fan art by E-CO(いーこ) from Pixiv. This artist is excited for summer with his piece featuring Whitney. This famed Gym Leader from Johto is known for her love for cute Pokemon. It also looks like she loves cute swimwear as well as she is wearing one in the piece above by E-CO(いーこ)! This piece features Whitney in her swimsuit and a few scenes of her hanging out with her Pokemon.

Check out the rest of E-CO(いーこ) on Pixiv! This artist has a few more pieces of art featuring some well known Pokemon characters all ready for summer such as Erika, Roxie and many more!

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