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Pokemon Podcast Month 2022 Finale #PokemonPodcastMonth2022

And here we are once again on the 31st.

The end of another Pokemon Podcast Podcast Month. We started things pretty late though I think we finished strong with something great. We had over 100 submissions for fan feedback. Plenty of fans of Pokemon podcasts came in and just shared their love for the podcasts that they listened to. It was really amazing and I loved reading though each and every one of them. It was pretty amazing that in such a short amount of time that so many fans just came and said what they loved.

And I really have to thanks the Pokemon podcasters who came out and pushed out the form. So many of you guys took my request and did what you can to make sure your fans saw the podcast feedback form. I really loved that you made this month really impressive because it couldn’t have happen without you and your fans.

I will admit, I was at a standstill on what to do for this year’s Pokemon Podcast Month. I wanted to outdo what we did last year. Then there was just a busy June that kept my mind off actually planning and getting things done. Though, when I finally did sat down and actually do something. What was decided was that…Let us take what was successful last year and just…BLOW IT UP!

The fans who came out and gushed about their favorite podcasts was amazing and I really wanted to see if more of those fans will come out again. So why not focus on that and see what happens.

The new podcasters who took the time to fill out the Podcaster Questionnaire. I just wanted to make sure you knew that somebody was out there listening to your podcast. Even if it was one person. Still, I think your fans came in with their feedback to ensure it was more then just one person. Still, I think you all knew that already.

Overall, everything made into some really great love for these podcasts. It is what I have always wanted from Pokemon Crossroads. Just a place where fans can come together and express their love for Pokemon. In this case, fans saying what they love about their fellow fans.

It was the vision for Pokemon Podcast Month that I wanted but never visioned could happen. A place where podcasters can really see that their fans love them so much.

Yes. Podcasters are always asking for fans to give reviews and just say what they love about their work. Though, I wanted to give another outlet for where those fans can come out and do that.

So…Thank you.

Thank you to everybody from the fans to the podcasters. To everybody who retweeted and share our articles during the month of July for Pokemon Podcast Month. For all the podcasters who took a minute to thank their fans for writing in to create our amazing Listener Feedback columns. Hearing and see fans and podcasters coming together to just saying what they love is the best gift I could have asked for.

I will say this once again. Thank you to everybody who made our third Pokemon Podcast Month into a grand success. May you never give up doing what you love and always show that love in return.

Don’t touch that Totodile. It is Pokemon podcast listening time.

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