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VIDEO: Has there even been a Pokemon that never fell below the OU Tier?

Which Pokemon has stand the test of time?

We have heard about Smogon’s famous tier list. They put all the Pokemon in a tier and people use that to organize what kind of battles they want to have.

Though, which Pokemon has stated at the top in the Overused or OU tier? That means that these Pokemon stayed in OU from the time they were introduced to now. Including in Gen 5 to the introduction of Mega Evolution and Z Moves. You need to remember that things also shook up with Gen 8 and the DLC.

Right now you may have a guess such as Tyranitar or Skarmory. Maybe Salamence? All of these Pokemon are strong Pokemon after all. Still…Have they stayed in OU during this whole time?

Well! We have a video from Magcarjoe that answers this question! So go ahead and give this video a watch. Make sure to watch till the end!

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