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VIDEO: Pokémon’s Weirdest Anniversary

Weirdest Anniversary
So…Let us talk about Pokemon’s 10th anniversary.

We are pretty much at the end of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. This may be the third time that Pokemon has celebrated an anniversary as big as they did in 2021 but…They sure did decided to celebrate in a weird way. After all, we had musical guest stars such as Katy Perry and CYN. Still, would you believe this isn’t the first time that Pokemon teamed up with celebrities for their anniversary?

Well brother. You are in for a video.

Today we have a video by GatorEX going over Pokemon’s 10th anniversary. This mostly involves the Party of the Decade celebration that Pokemon threw in New York City. Part of this party includes the like of Hulk Hogan. It is safe to say that this was one wild and crazy party. The humble beginnings of what will come ten and fifteen years later.

Also. Pokemon games in chicken nuggets.

Don’t know what to think of what you just read? Then how about you watch. Hoenn was crazy times.

You may also see some of our old roots in the form of Pokemon Elite 2000 in the video. Though, that is something else.

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