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Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver – Episode 1 Pilot


Here we have [u]Rayquaza93wi’s[/u] pilot episode of his play-through of Drayano60’s Pokemon Soul Silver hack, Storm Silver. Ray plays through a number of Pokemon games and uploads his gameplay along with his judgement on the featured game to YouTube for any fan’s viewing pleasure. He himself thoroughly enjoys this creative, well thought-out hack, and personally recommends it to anybody whose interest it piques. The video has a few moments of mild language as well, just a warning to our more sensitive viewers!

Ray comments:

Literally the best Pokemon game I have played as of 6/21/2013. A 100/10 game that does everything fans have dreamed of for years. All Pokemon are obtainable, all legends appear and even the terrible HMs are much more lovable in this version.

We hoped you enjoy the pilot episode of this play-through, and there will be more from Rayquaza93wi’s videos coming to PXR in the future!

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