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Pokemon Social Media Manager’s Amazing Journey

Today we bid farewell to a giant in Pokemon Social Media.

Are you a fan of Pokemon and their amazing Social Media game? Then you can thank the amazing Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley for all the memes, laughs and just overall great social media content for the last four plus years.

Though, today will be her last day working with Pokemon. Announced on Twitter, Chaka will be leaving the company and be moving to Los Angeles.

We here at Pokemon Crossroads will surely miss the energy and amazing social media powers of Chaka. She literally put Pokemon on the map when it comes to all things social media from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This penguin loving fan has developed an amazing team that makes every thing that Pokemon does into a grand social media event. This has culminated into Pokemon picking up the Best Social Media Account award at last year’s the*gameHERs Awards.


An Amazing Pokemon Journey

Chaka has had an amazing journey when it came to working with Pokemon. From spearheading the social media push for Detective Pikachu to working with fans. The #1 Rowlet fan brought her brand of creativity and energy to Pokemon’s Twitter account. Chaka had her pulse on the fans and made sure that they were seen. This was especially true last year when #NationalAshKetchumDay was being pushed by fans. Right away we saw a tweet making the fanmade holiday into an official event.

One of the most amazing things to be seen from Pokemon and Chaka was their push for Black Lives Matter. It was great to see Pokemon take the lead in a matter that goes beyond the games. It made fans, especially fans of color, feel that Pokemon had their back during an uncertain time. Meanwhile, it showed the world that there were companies that not only speak of big game but played it too.

There have been so many things that Chaka has done for Pokemon and it has been amazing to see her journey as the Social Media Magical Girl for Pokemon. From cosplaying as Nessa to becoming a video game character in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Chaka has done it all! She is living every Pokemon fan’s dream.

chaka in game

Personally, as Mikey, I have met Chaka twice at the North American International Championships. Just by seeing her, you can see how much of a Pokemon fan she is. She was everywhere during that tournament giving Pokemon fans at home the chance to experience NAIC. That was a real pro at connecting the fans with the franchise. There was no reason for her to take the time to talk but she really made me feel seen as a fan and content creator. Chaka really put it all out there with her energy and enthusiasm just like what she does online.

We wish the best for Chaka as she roller skates into her new job wherever that may be. May it be filled with the energy of a 90’s cartoon and the passion that she has. Thank you for bringing your love of Pokemon and for being you.

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