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Pokemon Wins the*gameHERs Awards

gameher Awards
Winners for the*gameHERs Awards have been announced and Pokemon was able to pick up a win!

The purpose of the*gameHERs Awards was to recognize the amazing talent from women in the gaming industry. There were three Pokemon related nominees for three different categories. And guess what. Pokemon was able to pick up the win as Best Social Media Account!

The Girl Power Team at Pokemon

This amazing accomplishment is all thanks to the girl power social media team at Pokemon. The amazing social media team at Pokemon includes includes Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley as lead with Chole Harper and Joyce “Lulu” Tammany. These amazing women have been together for around two years. They are the powerhouse of the Pokemon social media presence. Together they have worked with all kinds of amazing teams in and out of Pokemon.

All those amazing pictures of the Detective Pikachu plush? That was them. Those motivational moments of touching scenes from the Pokemon anime? You bet that was them. Like those viral meme tweets from Pokemon? Yeah. Totally them.

If you saw a tweet or something Pokemon related then you know these girl geniuses were behind it.

Below is what Chaka Cumberbatch-Tinsley had to say about her team amazing win for Pokemon in the*gameHERs Awards.

This is surely a revolutionary win for these amazing ladies and Pokemon. It is certainly well earn and we can’t wait to see what this amazing team of women will do in the future with Pokemon and beyond!

Source: the*gameHERs Awards

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