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Pokemon Ultra RPG to open Branch on Pokemon Crossroads

Pokemon Ultra RPG

On Friday, Feb. 21, the Pokemon Ultra RPG (URPG) will open a new branch on Pokemon Crossroads!

Noted for its gameboy-based combat system, the Ultra RPG brings various styles of gameplay to Crossroads, offering members a chance to win badges, enter tournaments, conquer Free-for-Alls, join contests, and challenge the Elite 4. Pokemon can be captured or earned through story writing, roleplaying, art creation, auctions, events, and more!

For the launch, the URPG will be hosting a number of events including:

  • Lugia and Ho-Oh Boss Battles
  • Battle Factory Tournament
  • National Park Mini Runs (Roleplaying)
  • Forum Festival (Contests)
  • Writing Competition (Stories)
  • Pokemon Raffle
  • Banner Contest

Sign-ups for the URPG will open on PXR on Friday. Join us for some fun-filled activities and strive to be the very best there ever was!

Visit our Bulbapedia page for more information on the Pokemon Ultra RPG!

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