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How To Catch Shiny Ditto In Pokémon GO

Shiny Ditto in Pokémon GO
Never miss a Ditto with these tips.

With the start of the Season of Mischief comes a shift in the Ditto disguises. But did you know that it can now be Shiny in the wild. No longer confined to Trainers who played during GO Fest 2021. You too, can find and capture your very own Shiny in the wild. Maybe even two or three of them. But how to accomplish such a task, read on to find out.

Understanding How Ditto works

ditto in disguise
Ditto doesn’t spawn in the wild the same way every other Pokémon does. Instead, it takes the disguise of another Pokémon as seen in the picture above. Any of these that spawn can be the little blob. The only way to find out is to catch it. Once caught, if it is a Ditto, it will transform before the stats screen. There isn’t enough data to determine what the exact odds are. The only way is to catch everything and hope for the best.

The Shiny Factor

Now you may be asking: “What if I encounter a Shiny Drowzee? I don’t want that to turn into a Ditto!” Fear not friend, If you find a Shiny in the wild, it will not transform. Ditto has been locked out of shiny encounters. Among the nine Pokémon that can be a Ditto in disguise, only four of them have the potential to be Shiny. Those being Gastly, Drowzee, Teddiursa, and Dwebble. Everything else is Shiny-locked, for now.

If you encounter any of the above Pokémon and it is NOT Shiny, then there is a potential for it to transform in front of your very eyes. If you defy all odds and your captured Pokémon does begin to transform, then there is a small percentage that the Ditto will be shiny. I truly hope the odds for the Shiny has been turned up a little as even finding a Ditto can be an arduous task. Looks like only time will tell. Good Luck and feel free to share with us any of your Shiny encounters.

See you around, Genesect!

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