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Pokémon UNITE Adds Cross Platform Play With Mobile

new battle pass gengar holowear
The biggest update ever to Pokémon UNITE is happening right now.

Two months ago, Pokémon and MOBA fans came together, to play a new game that was quickly growing in popularity all over the world. Of course I’m talking about Pokémon UNITE. And now, the game as we know it, is changing. More items, more holowear, more Pokémon and more players. Let’s dive into what’s new so you can get the most out of your game.

What’s New

  • On Sept 22, 2021 Pokémon UNITE will launch on mobile devices and feature cross platform play. You can also play with mobile on the go, and on your Nintendo Switch when you are at home with out missing a beat. When you rank up in one, that data will transfer to the other version.
  • Spectator mode will allow you to take a break from the action and watch some matches. Wether you are cheering on a friend, or learning from those in Master Ranks, Spectator mode is a welcome feature that you didn’t know you needed.
  • A new in game event will gift Super Item Enhancers that will get your held items to level 30. There will also be easier ways to get Item Enhancers. Those of you that have items over level 20 will appreciate this more than any other feature, I’m sure.
  • Speaking of hold items, there will be new hold items made available to give you more gameplay options. How will this shake up the meta? Only time will tell.
  • Unite Squads will allow you to quickly and easily team up with your squad.
  • A new Battle Pass with a space theme will be added. This will be how you access space suit Gengar as well as a space suit for your avatar.
  • Zeraora will be made available to mobile players through a special mission. If you already received Zeraora from the launch bonus, you will be granted Aeos coins instead.
  • Lots of Pokémon and their moves were given buffs and nerfs. For full details on that check out Serebii’s comprehensive list.

On top of all this, there will be the bonuses of Pikachu as well as it’s Holowear and Aeos Tickets to be awarded for reaching download bonuses. It was also hinted at the Mamoswine and Sylveon will be added to the game soon. As if that wasn’t enough we also got a sneak peek of several new Holowear, including the recently hinted at, Garchomp.

See you around, Genesect!

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