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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Florges EX Deck!

Florges EX
Pooka from The Top Cut is back with a unique deck featuring a Pokemon that you may not consider to use but can be quite effective! It is Florges EX time to shine as we take a stroll though it’s Bright Garden!

This Florges EX deck focus on flooding the bench with Fairy type Pokemon to increase the damage of Bright Garden. This attack becomes much more powerful with each Fairy and Grass type Pokemon. Pooka also includes Xerneas EX as a heavy attacker to do massive damage and clean up after Florges EX if Pokemon try to hide on the bench. This deck also features all the basics that a Fairy deck needs to run such as Max Potion, Aromatisse, and Fairy Garden.

So click below to watch this match that Florges EX had against a Yveltal-Garbodor deck. Marvel at the power of this deck and how easy it is to build!

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