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Pokemon of the Week #316 Gulpin

This week’s featured Pokemon is Gulpin, the gloppy Pokemon!

GulpinName: Glupin / Gokurin / ゴクリン

Type: Poison

Classification: Stomach Pokémon

Pokedex #: 316

Evolves From/Into: Swalot @ Lv 26

Height: 1’04” (0.4m)

Weight: 22.7lbs (10.3kg)


Abilities: Liquid Ooze – When the opponent absorbs Hit Points from this Pokémon, the opponent instead loses Hit Points.
Sticky Hold – This Pokémon’s item cannot be taken.
Gluttony (Hidden) – A held Berry is eaten earlier than usual when HP is low.

X & Y – Route 5
Black 2 & White 2 – Breed Swalot
Black & White – None
Diamond & Pearl – Safari Game
Platinum – Great Marsh
HeartGold – Trade from DPtSS
SoulSilver – Route 3
FireRed & LeafGreen – Trade from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/XD
Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald – Route 110

Though this Pokemon came out in R/S/E, artists on deviantArt have not been very active with this one.  Reminds me of something out of MapleStory, (Green Slime?).  Luckily, green slime don’t eat Voltorb like the one below

This funny Gulpin’s trying to have a midday snack, though I don’t recommend picking up Voltorb unless you are prepared with Pokemon or bomb suits.  Remember the old power plant?

Perhaps this is what happens when you try to eat a Voltorb.  Sigh sigh…

Well, a whole army of Gulpins and Swalot are coming to the rescue!  These are so cute!

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