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The Sky Jukebox #8: The Distortion World

Sky Giratina

Well, guys, it’s been a while, but the Sky Jukebox is back—this time with more inter-dimension travel! This week we’re bringing you not just one but two songs. First, an eerie remix of the eerie “Distortion World”, as composed by PokeRemix Studios. Secondly, an equally eerie rendition of several N themes fittingly called the “N Harmonia Waltz” as composed by Connor Griffin Original Music. What can I say? Halloween’s left me in the mood for creepy music.

So if you’re ready for some haunting melodies, hop on inside!

First off, this rendition of the Distortion World has got to be one of my favorites. PokeRemix Studios able to perfectly blend in the percussion into this piece, creating a beautiful, flowing rhythm. It’s interesting to listen to the original after listening to this remix—you’d be surprised how empty it feels without that steady percussion effect. The way PokeRemix Studios crafted this song feels natural, still keeping that creepy and mysterious atmosphere of the original.

Now, this piece. It’s crazy, it’s awesome, I love it. The beginning is just so eerie and ominous, making you really question N’s sanity. Is he a creeper? Or just deeply disturbed? Maybe he’s just socially awkward. Who knows? After slowly leading you in with the eerie introduction, Connor picks up the pace by adding one of N’s other famous themes from N’s Castle. Through this piece, Connor shows two sides of N’s coin.
So, creepy or misunderstood? I’ll leave that up to your interpretation.

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