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Pokemon x International Space Station

2021 sunrise
Pokemon in space… that could only mean one thing

Ever since the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account tweeted out that Pokemon would be appearing during a live stream showcasing the first sunrise of the new year, shot from aboard the International Space Station, fans have been losing there minds with speculations that this is hinting to the inevitable Diamond and Pearl remakes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (pun intended) to know that this means nothing more that a sponsorship from The Pokemon Company. Just another way for TPC to extend their brand recognition to new markets. That doesn’t stop the rabid hungry Pokemon fans from insinuating that this space themed stream has to be a reference to Palkia, the Pokemon known for controlling space. (Fun fact: Palkia controls dimensional space, not outer space. Sorry for squashing that theory.)

Joe Merrick, webmaster at, and general Pokemon overlord has been doing his best to keep expectations low on the internet. but despite his best efforts, Pokemon fans are still adamant that the sunrise stream has to mean something more than it is.

What do you think of all this? Is it a hint at a new Pokemon game on the horizon? Is it a cool way to kickoff Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary? The only way to find out is to watch. The live stream of the sunrise, as seen from the ISS, will begin on December 31st at 23:45 JST (14:45 UTC, 6:45 PST.)

See you around, Genesect!!!

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