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PXR’s Weekly Pokemon Opinions!

Weekly Pokemon Opinions is back with a new set of ‘mon rated by our forum community. As usual, the list was chosen at random, and the list below spans nearly all of the past generations, leaving out only one, (the 4th generation) and the current, 6th generation. The Pokemon are listed below, as well as comments on each one!

#344 Claydol

Average Rating: 7.4

My rating: 8.5 I’ve loved Claydol ever since I first saw it. It just looks so strangely cool to me. I’ve used it in a few Hoenn playthroughs, and it has an incredibly useful movepool, so it’s always a great supporter for your team. Competitively, I know it’s not wonderful, but perhaps a mega or an evolution could fix that *Looking at Gamefreak*~The-Hydra

Claydol’s got an awesome, unique design, almost alien in nature. I love the way it looks, though I’ve never taken the opportunity to use one. I still give it a 7/10 on looks alone.~Braddock

Claydol has the honor of being one of the few Hoenn Pokemon I’m okay with, thanks to bonding with a Baltoy in the WFL. I’m not crazy for the design, so my rating is solely sentimental. :L~Corey

#057 Primeape

Average Rating: 6.1

I love Primeape for many reasons. It’s design is great (if you exclude the 3D models, they always screw those up.) gen 1 may not have been the best with creative Pokémon design, but the fact that they were sitting around and just thought of an angry brawling furball pig monkey has gotta say that they were doing some stuff that they probably wouldn’t try now. He’s one of my favorite NU Pokémon to use, and I also love Mankey in LC. I’ve actually never really used one in-game though, which I’m gonna change one of these days. Overall, something about Primeape really just clicks with me. Perhaps my favorite fighting type there is.~The-Hydra

I have always been neutral towards this monkey, but it is very decent. And bizarrely adorable in some way. Must be all the fur.~Arrow-Jolteon

Nothing too special about it. I think its 3D Model does it favors. xD~Corey

It’s actually cool. Also cute in an angry sense. Not really for competitive, but it’s great in-game.~Voltaire Magneton

#264 Linoone

Average Rating: 6.4

I just don’t really care for Linoone. Oh, except it’s whole Belly drum Extremespeed thing. But I usually use Snorlax (in STABmons) for that, so again, meh. I do like the pattern on it’s back though~The-Hydra

Linoone is neat. I’ve always liked it, but it’s too weak to use in a good battle (LIKE EVERY OTHER NICELY DESIGNED HOENN POKEMON LKJDHGKJD)! ;o; I also didn’t know it could Belly Drum + Extreme Speed. O: Lastly, I didn’t know the strip on its head was an arrow until like two years ago lul.~Corey

Eh, Linoone is alright. 6/10. I haven’t really used it much, but it’s design is pretty good.~PerseusRad

#??? Missingno

Average Rating: 5


Missingno: ERROR404/10 PLEASE REBOOT BRAIN.EXE~Fantome Ecrivain

I  don’t even know how to rate this. xD

According to this official statement released by Nintendo, “MissingNO is a programming quirk, and not a real part of the game,” MissingNO isn’t even a real Pokemon! Thus, I give it the lowest rating of 1 for not even being real. Dumb ‘ole not-even-real MissingNO. ~Corey

I rate it 999 Rare Candy out of 999 Rare Candy. Plus a glitched up Hall of Fame for good measure.~Tenacity

#582 Vanillite

Average Rating: 7.3

Vanillite is ice cream. It is good on that basis alone. And don’t give me that “uncreative” crap, I don’t care if it’s just a floating smiley face slapped on a sphere, as long as it’s freaking ice cream.~The-Hydra

It is just so CUTTEEEEE~ Seriously whoever thinks its uncreative or whatever can go cuddle their radioactive pile of sludge and leave me and my little icecream/Casteliacone to enjoy our kawaii kingdom of vanilla and snowy wonders~ ^3^ LOOK AT ITS SMILE D’AWWW~Fantome Ecrivain


#273 Seedot

Average Rating: 6.4

It’s cute. And if you’ve the patience, it’ll be a Shiftry who is somewhat better and has more moves than just Bide. Seedot in PMD was pretty good too, when Nature Power wrecked stuff in the low leveled dungeons X3~Fantome Ecrivain

 Again, I haven’t really used it much, but it is pretty adorable.~PerseusRad

I don’t find Seedot to be all that cute. Sylveon is so much cuter~ ;D <3

I think it’s kinda cute, though! I don’t really like its evolutions. I’ll give it a four for being somewhat cute.~Corey

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