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Rotation to Happen in 2023! Ban Cards!

Rotation is coming! Rotation is coming!

Though, it is going to be later then usual.

Play! Pokemon today has announced the Rotation and format for the 2022-2023 TCG season. Though, we are also going to see cards banned for the Pokemon World Championships 2022 in London.

Rotation for 2022-2023 Season

As expected, the Rotation for the 2022-2023 TCG Season will have all card with the D Regulation Mark to be rotated. Cards with Regulation Marks E & F will be legal of the 2022-2023 Standard Format.

Notable cards leaving the Standard Format include Zacian V, Crobat V, Switch and Eternatus VMAX. Cards such as Professor’s Research and Boss’s Orders have been reprinted with E and/or F Regulation Marks. We will publish a full list of notable cards being rotated at a later date.

The Rotation for 2022-2023 Standard Format will happen in Early 2023. That means that all sets up to the Pokemon GO TCG set will be legal for Worlds 2022. There is no current date on when Rotation will happen in 2023.

Normally, Rotation takes place in August or early September. This is the first time in recent history that we didn’t have a Rotation take place in these months. We could see the largest Standard format if we include the upcoming Summer and Fall TCG sets that we are bound to get.

Banned Cards for Worlds

We are also going to see some cards banned for Worlds 2022. The following cards will not be legal for Worlds 2022.

  • Special Delivery Pikachu (Black Star Promo, SWSH074)
  • Lance’s Charizard V (Black Star Promo, SWSH133)
  • Dark Sylveon V (Black Star Promo, SWSH134)
  • Special Delivery Bidoof (Black Star Promo, SWSH177)
  • Pikachu on the Ball (Pokémon Futsal, 001/005)
  • Eevee on the Ball (Pokémon Futsal, 002/005)
  • Grookey on the Ball (Pokémon Futsal, 003/005)
  • Scorbunny on the Ball (Pokémon Futsal, 004/005)
  • Sobble on the Ball (Pokémon Futsal, 005/005)

The reason that these cards are banned is because they are consider “Special Promos”. All the cards in the list above were not release worldwide. Because of this, it would give some players an unfair competitive edge.

Best of luck to those playing at NAIC, Worlds and any tournament afterwards!

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