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Special Pokemon Shuffle Stages: Get Kyogre and Lucarionite

New stages for Pokemon Shuffle are currently available. A special stage featuring Kyogre will be available until March 23. A re-release of the Mew stage is also available until this time.

Finally, a stage involving battle with Mega Lucario has been released. This is a competitive stage, and the top 20,000 players with the best scores will receive Lucarionite after the event is over. Everyone who participates will also receive a Jewel. You must be connected to the internet to play this stage, and can view your score in the game. Mega Lucario has the same ability as Mega Lopunny: clearing 5 rows of tiles, above and below. Players have until March 23rd to enter, and can enter as many times as they like per day.

To receive these stages, Pokemon Shuffle must be updated to the latest version using the Check In feature. A new patch was also released yesterday which fixed some of the issues relating to the scoring of the Lucario stage.

These updates require an earlier 3DS eShop update, which prevents players from abusing a glitch allowing for unlimited hearts and coins to be unlocked.

Source: Pokemon Shuffle Website

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