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Special TCG Sets Coming to Japan and US!

VSTAR Universe
Sword & Shield is coming to and end…in a big way!

We are beginning to see the curtain fall upon Generation 8 and the Sword & Shield era. Though, the TCG is making sure that it happens in a big way! For both in Japan and Internationally.

That is with big sets coming out in both Japan and United States!

VSTAR Universe for Japan

Japanese TCG fans and players will see their final Sword & Shield set release with VSTAR Universe. This set is a mini-set of sorts that will features reprints of many popular and power Pokemon from the last few Sword & Shield era sets. Some of these cards include Arceus VSTAR, Mew VMAX, Mewtwo VSTAR and many other popular cards.

Some of the cards such as Palkia V, Giratina V and Dialga V are going to receive alternate art cards. These alternate art cards are actually cards that have already already been release in America as Tin Promos. Prerelease Promos and other collections.

Though, the big draw for VSTAR Universe will be “Art Rare” and “Special Art Rare” cards. These cards will feature new full art illustrations of several popular Pokemon. Some of these Pokemon include Manaphy, Mew, Zoroark V and Charizard VSTAR. All of these cards have been release in Japan and US as normal cards.

These special full art card are amazing to look at. They will surely be at the top of any collector’s wish list this holiday season.

VSTAR Universe will be release in Japan on December 2nd. It will feature 172 cards and will be consider a “High Class Pack. That means each pack will have 10 cards instead of the normal 5 cards.

Crown Zenith for America and Beyond

Meanwhile, in American and beyond, we will see our special set coming out in early 2023 as Crown Zenith. This set will be a special mini-set for America. It will also act as our final Sword & Shield TCG set.

Crown Zenith will feature cards from Japan’s VSTAR Universe along with cards that were cut from recent English sets as well as promo cards that have not been released in the US.

What will make Crown Zenith a collector’s paradise is all the “Art Rare” and “Special Art Rare” cards that will be coming out from VSTAR Universe. Fans of great art and players will surely want to get their hands on the beautiful art featuring their favorite Pokemon.

Crown Zenith will be a special set in the United States and Europe. That means you will only be able to get your hands on these packs via special collections. Some of these special box collections include an Elite Trainer Box, the release of a V Box and other products.

Crown Zenith will release in America and Europe on January 20th.

Source: PokeBeach

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