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Pokemon TCG Live! Coming Soon!

Pokemon TCG LIVE
Soon! You will be able to play…LIVE!

As in Pokemon TCG Live. The newest Pokemon TCG online client. This new client is currently in beta testing in Canada and select countries. It was announced earlier to be the replacement for Pokemon TCG Online.

Below is a list of current countries that Pokemon TCG Live has been release in for beta testing.

  • February 22nd: Canada
  • May 24th: Mexico
  • July 19th: Australia, New Zealand
  • September 13th: France, Germany, Italy
  • October 18th: Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden

So When Will TCG Live Be Release in US?

As stated on the Pokemon TCG Live open letter, the TCG client will be release worldwide by the end of the 2022 year. Though, the target date will be at the end of November.

Overall, there has been no clear date on when Pokemon TCG Live will see a worldwide release. Based on the dates above, it could be released on a Tuesday.

Player Reactions

The players who have played Pokemon TCG Live have mostly been negative. Plenty of players have said that the application needs a graphical overhaul and other suggestions.

The development team behind Pokemon TCG Live have heard these suggestions. In response they have made changes to the applications. Hopefully these changes and more will be made as Pokemon TCG Live goes live worldwide. If anything, time will tell.

Source: PokeBeach

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