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Steam Siege Revealed! Changes to Rules!

Pokemon has officially revealed Steam Siege! Plenty of new cards will be release with this set. Though there is even more news concerning Steam Siege and when you can start playing this set in tournaments!

The release of Steam Siege will surely raid the Pokemon TCG. It will feature the debut of six EX Pokemon. Some of these EX Pokemon include Volcanion EX, Magearna EX, Gardevoir EX, a shiny variation of M Gardevoir EX, Steelix EX and M Steelix EX. This set will also mark the first time that a next generation Pokemon will be release in a main set prior to the proper release in their generation. So you better be excited for Steam Siege release on August 3rd!

Steam Siege will also mark the return of dual type Pokemon. This mechanic hasn’t been in the TCG since 2010 during the HeartGold and SoulSilver era. Dual types were also used during the Generation 3 era of the TCG. We already know that we will receive dual typing for Volcanion EX, M Gardevoir EX, Bisharp and possibly M Steelix EX.

We will see several new BREAK Pokemon making their breakout debut in Steam Siege. Steam Siege will get pretty hot with Yanmega BREAK, Clawitzer BREAK, Hydreigon BREAK, Talonflame BREAK, Pyroar BREAK, Xerneas BREAK, and Yveltal BREAK entering the fray. This will be the first time that the number of BREAK Pokemon outnumber the number of EX Pokemon released in a set.

Lastly, Pokemon has announced some rule changes regarding when new sets can be legal to play in tournaments. New TCG expansion sets can now be used in tournament play starting on the third Friday after the set’s official release. Steam Siege will be release on August 3rd which means that Steam Siege will be eligible to play in tournaments on August 19th. This just so happens to be the first day of Worlds. We could see some explosive new decks, plays and combos at the TCG World tournament because of Steam Siege. It is going to be exciting to see all the amazing battles involving the cards from Steam Siege!

Below we have some images of cards being release from Steam Siege. You better get ready for some heated battles starting August 3rd!

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