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TCG Jump: Featured Match- M Alakazam Beats Night March!

M Alakazam EX
Are you ready to see some mega power? Then we got a match for you! Today we are featuring a match where M Alakazam EX can show off some real magic! Today’s match is brought to you by The Meta Deck where they hope to show you what fate has in store for M Alakazam EX! So get ready for some exciting matches filled with wonder and awe!
The Meta Deck is using a deck featuring M Alakazam EX that wants to put damage all over the board. He does this by using Alakazam EX’s Kinesis ability. This ability is activated when you evolve Alakazam EX into M ALakazam EX. When you do this then you can place two damage counters on your opponent’s active Pokemon and three on one of their benched Pokemon. Once you have done this then things will become perfect to use M Alakamzam’s Zen Force which does 10 base damage plus 30 more damage for each damage counter on your opponent’s active Pokemon. What makes things even more fun is that you can use Super Scoop Up and AZ to pick up M Alakazam EX and place it into your hand. Once you have done that then you can use that same M Alakazam EX to evolve one of your benched Alakazam EX to use the Kinesis ability to rack up damage. This will make Zen Force damage output rise and help set up your opponent’s benched Pokemon to disappear in a few turns. If you use Super Scoop Up and Dimension Valley then M Alakazam EX can do it’s magic so fast that your opponent will be amazed and confused by what is going on.

Enough with the deck’s mechanics! Let see The Meta Deck use M Alakazam EX in some magical matches! Some of these matches include facing off against Night March and the dreaded mirror match! Watch the video below to see how this deck’s magic does against them.

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