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Story Feature: Blue Snow


Image by Pitschocrieps on DA, located here.

Blue Snow, a PG-13 story found on Serebii (direct link here), is quite an interesting story. Thrilling, right? Ha ha. It follows the protagonist, Kyle Montressor, as he strives to finally ask his childhood friend Teri out on a date. The situation runs into a hitch when a mysterious blue snow falls on his home of Rustburo City, and faster than you can use ExtremeSpeed, anyone touched by it is transformed into a Pokemon! Kyle must learn to survive in his new body, and to track down old friends in order to find Teri…and in the process, perhaps discover the truth behind the blue snow.

Grassy’s Thoughts:

Well, it’s only four chapters in, plus the prologue. This is the perfect time to start reading, and the author, pokenutter, seems to get a new part up every 15 or so days. The length of the stories is decent, but considering how stretched out Serebii’s format is, to make them as long as they are is a feat. The story has good character interactions, enough description to set scenes up but not to overdo it, and great pacing. It also takes place in Hoenn, my favorite region, so perhaps I’m a little biased! Additionally, there aren’t commonly used Pokemon being, ahem, used, which is a refreshing touch after reading many stories involving Pikachu or Eevee. Overall, this is a nice spin on transformation stories, and I am eager to see how it grows and develops.

My only regret is that there aren’t a lot of chapters up!

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