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TCG Jump: A Sneak Peek! Phantom Forces Match Up!

Happy Halloween! We are on the eve of a new set being release so things may become a little spooky. Several new cards are being introduced into the format that will help give certain types a boost in power. The most notable type that will be given a boost is the Psychic type as Gengar EX and M Gengar EX joins the metagame with things such as Mystery Energy and Dimension Valley to cause chaos. Though, there is another type that will be enjoying the treats that Phantom Forces is giving out. The Metal type! This set will be adding Bronzong into the Metal arsenal who has a special ability that will move things into high gear for new Metal Pokemon like Dialga EX and old favorites like Cobalion EX.

Today we have a match featuring two decks that are expected to join the metagame. This match is being brought to you by WorldRenownedHeretic who is playing this match in real life against Mike Newman. Heretic is playing Gengar EX/Dragalge while Mike is playing Bronzong/Klinklang.

Heretic’s Gengar EX/Dragalge plays a lot like a hit-and-run deck where you power up Gengar EX to use Dark Corridor. This attack does 60 damage while also poisoning your opponent’s active Pokemon. Gengar EX then retreats to the bench and allows something like Trevenant to active Item Lock or Sigilyph to nullify damage from the active EX Pokemon. Meanwhile, Dragalge is on the bench with it’s Poison Barrier ability to keep poisoned Pokemon trapped in the active. Dusknoir can be put in the deck in order to move damage from the opponent’s active Pokemon to knock out benched Pokemon and maintain the lock with little interruptions. All of this to maintain a lock that will slowly put knock out your Pokemon as you struggle to attack. Clearly a deck that goes bump in the night with all the Ghost Pokemon that are in this deck!

Mike’s Bronzong/Klinklang deck puts together two old ideas into one deck to create an army of metal that is difficult to stop. The main draw is Bronzong which has the Metal Links ability that allows you to attach Metal energy from the discard to your benched Pokemon. That way you can easily power up your Pokemon and get them into battle to hit heavy. That means Pokemon like Cobalion EX and Dialga EX can go into battle quickly. Cobalion EX can cut though any ability that prevents it from damaging a Pokemon while Dialga EX can hit heavily with it’s Full Metal Impact while putting more Metal energy into the discard. This will give you even more Metal energy to attach. Lastly, Klinklang has the Plasma Steel ability which will be making sure that no EX Pokemon will be damaging your Metal Pokemon. Add Steel Shelter and your opponent will find it difficult to damage your metal army.

Now that you know a little about these new decks. Click below to watch these decks in action from WorldRenownedHeretic. Which deck will win? Heretic’s Ghostly Forces or Mike’s Robot Army?

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