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TCG Jump: Featured Card- Blaziken

Time to start a fire with this card!

We are going back to featuring a card! This time we are looking at a card that can heat things up in a match. You can do this by simply powering up another Pokemon or itself! No matter what, you can get this card out fast with the right cards. After all, it is a fire starter! There may be a lot of Dragons running around but this one will spark some conversation if you want something interesting to play. This week we are featuring Blaziken from Dragon Majesty.

Blaziken is a Stage 2 Fire Pokemon from Dragon Majesty. This Pokemon has 150 HP and also has an ability. Blaziken’s ability is called Fire Starter. This ability allows you to attach one Fire energy from your discard to one your Benched Pokemon. You can attack with Fire Stream to do 90 damage. This attack also makes you discard a Fire energy which will then do 20 damage to each of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon. Blaziken has a weakness to Water and a two energy retreat cost.

The Pros

  • Energy acceleration.
  • Great synergy with Blaziken GX.
  • Can do solid damage with a Fire and Double Colorless Energy.

The Cons

  • Is a Stage 2 with low HP.
  • Can’t attach to active.
  • Difficult to retreat.

Rare CandyIt is great that Blaziken can provide ability base energy acceleration for Fire type Pokemon. The problem is that this is on a Stage 2. That means you need at least two Blaziken on your bench to make decent use of Fire Starter. You will need to get lucky with Rare Candy and Blaziken in your hand to get them set up. That can be pretty hard when other types have Stage 1 energy accelerators that are easier and faster to set up.

If Blaziken’s energy acceleration allow you to put energy on Pokemon on your Active or Benched then it would make it worth wild to have Fire Starter on it. Not many Pokemon or Trainers allow you to put energy wherever you want.

The good thing is that you have a great attacker in the form of Blaziken GX. This card is Blaziken’s big brother who can do 210 damage for two Fire and colorless. You may need to discard two Fire energy but that is fine because you can reattach it next turn to another Pokemon. Also, since this is Blaziken GX then you can evolve it from any of your Combustken that could also evolve into Blaziken. That way it isn’t a dead card as long as you have a way to evolve into your Stage 2.

Though, Blaziken isn’t bad to attack with. If anything it is the better attacker. Blaziken can hit for 90 damage and if you attach a Choice Band then it is 120 damage. Meanwhile, you are doing 20 spread damage to the bench. You can take a knockout after two attacks. Meanwhile set up easy knockouts on the bench after a few turns of spread.

How to Play It

You will want to play Blaziken in a deck that focus on just him and Blaziken GX. After all, you want to be able to evolve into some form of Blaziken. Preferably Blaziken who can help energy accelerate Fire energy to attackers on the bench.

Blaziken GXTo do this, you will need to make sure you have at least three Torchic on your side of the field at the start of the game. That way you can evolve them by using Rare Candy or Combustken. The goal is to have a squad of Blaziken and Blaziken GX all fire up to attack.

Though this will take some time. That is why you want to play something like Tapu Koko or Alolan Vulpix in your deck. You can use Alolan Vulpix to help grab needed evolution pieces with Beacon. Meanwhile, you will play Tapu Koko as an opener attacker to spread damage. You may want to run DCE so you can get the early attack and focus on discarding Fire energy for future Fire Starter acceleration.

Once you do get Blaziken ready to go then you can start attacking with him. You can do this with Fire Starter to attach energy to your Benched Blaziken. Maybe even put some on a Blaziken GX.

Blaziken will be your main attacker which will do a constant 90 damage to your opponent’s Pokemon. You may want to run some Switch or retreating cards. That way if you don’t have Fire energy in your hand then you can swap out with a Benched Blaziken who can attack. Overall, you are doing 90 damage with a single prize attacker to a GX Pokemon.

If you need to hit something hard then you can use Blaziken GX to do some heavy damage. Simply have two of your Blaziken to use Fire Starter on your Benched Blaziken GX. Then you will need to move him into the active to hit hard and take an easy knockout. After all, not many things can take 210 damage. Attach a Choice Band and it is doing 240 damage.

Blaziken may have some flaws but it is a strong attacker that has perfect synergy with a GX attacker. If you can get set up then you can easily burn the competition.

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