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TCG Jump: Featured Match: Malamar EX Deck!

Malamar EX
This week we are going to feature a match played by Pooka from The Top Cut! This game features Malamar EX which can be flipping fun with the right cards!

Malamar EX has the Hyper Hypnosis ability where it can put your opponent’s Pokemon to sleep. That is nice and all but the reason why Pooka is using Malamar EX is for it’s MAXamar attack. MAXamar is like all “MAX” attacks where it flips a coin and for every heads does a certain amount of damage. This is a risky strategy and needs the help of Victory Star Victini to get some second chances on flips. If all goes well then there could be some big damage done.

Will Pooka get the knock outs? Watch the match below to find out!

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