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TCG Jump: Featured Match- MEWTWO & MEW GX TOOL BOX

Time to look at a psychic star!

We are only a few more sleeps away from the biggest event in Pokemon! Worlds 2019 is coming soon and we want to show you another deck that is getting a lot of hype and could be seen on stream! That is Mewtwo & Mew GX Tool Box! This time from ZapdosTCG!

The Deck Basics

MewMewPowerThe Mewtwo & Mew GX Toolbox focus on using Mewtwo & Mew GX to do all your attacking. That is because MewMew GX can use any attacks from any GX Pokemon on the Bench and Discard. This makes your MewMew GX into the ultimate attacker. Imagine having access to Flare Strike one turn and then using Turbo Strike the next turn. And all of this while doing Psychic type damage!

There are several versions of MewMew Toolbox running around. Though we want to focus on the one that uses the Welder engine due to how easy it is to set up an attack. You can use Welder to attack two Fire Energy on to your MewMew GX. Then attack a Fire Energy to use Reshiram & Charizard GX’s Double Blaze GX attack. The following turn you can attach another Fire Energy to use Flare Strike to take another knockout. All of this is possible as long as you have a ReshiZard GX on the Bench or Discard along with Welder and Fire Energy.

This deck also plays other attackers such as Dragonite GX and Altaria GX. These two Pokemon are evolved GX Pokemon but that is fine. All you need to do is fine a way to discard them such as using Giant Hearth. From there you will need to attach energy on to MewMew GX to use their attack.

Dragonite GX gives MewMew GX access to Sky Judgment that cost five Colorless Energy but does 270 damage. This attack allows MewMew GX to knockout anything as long as you can find a way to attach five Fire Energy. That shouldn’t be too hard thanks to Welder. It may require you to discard three Energy but you can get it back thanks to Fire Crystal.

Altaria GX gives you access to Bright Tone that only does 50 damage. The catch is that your MewMew GX is now immune to attacks from GX and EX Pokemon. The only draw back is that you need to attach a Fairy energy onto MewMew GX. It is a good thing that this deck plays some Rainbow Energy to help MewMew GX use this attack.

The Match

MewMew GX Box is> pretty solid. It hasn’t had any tested results but a lot of players are excited to use this deck in battle. Go ahead and watch the battle below to see MewMew Box in action with ZapdosTCG!

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