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V-Union Reveal! Four Becomes One!

V Union
Are you ready to make a union?

The Pokemon TCG in Japan has reveal their new mechanic! Get ready to place down four cards to make into one with the new V-Union mechanic!

What is V-Union?

V-Union is a brand new mechanic that will be introduce into the Pokemon TCG this summer. The idea behind this new mechanic is that you will use four cards to create a single Pokemon. This Pokemon will not be a Basic or Evolved Pokemon. Instead it will be consider a V-Union.

Greninja VUNIONTo place this V-Union card on the field, you will need to put all four cards that create the Pokemon into the Discard. This could be done via a few ways. One of those ways could include discarding a card from the V-Union with use of Quick Ball. Multiple parts of the V-Union could be discarded via Professor’s Research or other Supporter cards. Though, once you have all four pieces of a V-Union in the Discard, you can then place the V-Union Pokemon on the Bench.

V-Union Pokemon will have massive HP. So far, the three V-Union Pokemon we have seen all have over 300 HP. They will also have multiple abilities and attacks. These attacks may involve ways to accelerate energy to help make up for the fact that it hasn’t been on the field for awhile. Other attacks promise to do high amount of damage or powerful effects.

It is worth noting that you can only play a V-Union Pokemon with the same name once per game. Also, all cards that make up the V-Union Pokemon all share the same name. That means you can only place one copy of each card that makes up the V-Union in your deck. With that said, you can have multiple V-Union Pokemon who have different names in your deck. For example, you can play Mewtwo V-Union along side with Zacian V-Union.

Lastly, if a V-Union Pokemon is knockout then your opponent will take three prize cards.

How Can You Get a V-Union Pokemon?

For now, V-Unions will be in Japan. They will first be introduce in the upcoming V-Union Decks. These 60 cards decks will be release in Japan on August 20th. It is expected that we will see more V-Union cards in future sets.

There is no word on when V-Union cards will be release around the world.


Zacian VUNIONWhen I first heard about V-Union cards, I suspected that we may see a return of the LEGEND mechanic that was introduce during the HeartGold & SoulSilver era of the TCG. This old mechanic had players put two cards together to make a single Pokemon. Sometimes LEGEND cards would have two Pokemon on it such as Deoxys and Rayquaza. Though, most people would remember LEGEND cards to have impressive and beautiful art used to make them. That is especially true as LEGEND cards were not really used in decks.

One of the negative aspects of LEGEND cards was that you needed both pieces in your hand to put it on the Bench. Some players would put two of the same pieces of the Pokemon in your deck and then a single copy of the other half. That way they will draw into one of the two while use search cards like Dual Ball to search out the other piece. Though, it could create awkward and clunky deck building. Also, just tough hands if you didn’t have all the the pieces or able to search pieces out. Especially when you need to draw more cards.

It seems like the card designers for V-Union has fix the awkward hand problem by just making it placeable from the Discard once all four pieces are there. The Discard is being used as a “holding area” for your V-Union pieces while you wait to place it on the bench. That is pretty clever to avoid holding the cards in your hand. If you need a new hand then just discard it and not worry about your V-Union until all four pieces are in the Discard. After all, we got plenty of cards in the post rotation to help us do that. Just look at Quick Ball and Professor’s Research. We will also see Professor Burnet be used to help discard two cards from your deck in helping put cards into your Discard. While it was clearly made to put V-Union cards there, I can see Mad Party make use of this card too.

The awkward part may come with one or more of your V-Union cards are in the Prizes. You will either need to take knockouts using your non V-Union cards. This may keep V/VMAX Pokemon in use as you work to get your V-Union Pokemon into play. We may see Peonia from Chilling Reign be used in V-Union decks. This card allows you to take up to three cards from your prizes and put them in your hand. Though, you will need to put the same number of cards from your hand to be in the prizes. This will surely help V-Union decks from experience that awkward moment from happening.

Unless your one-of Peonia is hiding in your prizes among your V-Union cards. Then you are in real trouble!

Mewtwo VUNIONOverall, V-Union seem like a balance mechanic to be introduce towards the end of a generation. We always see these kinds of “awkward’ mechanics happen to help end the generation with a bang. LEGEND, BREAK and Tag Teams are examples of this.

Luckily, using four cards to make one Pokemon seems much more balance compare to the big basics that were Tag Teams. Now, not being able to put energy on them manually as your set up your V-Union will be a problem. Though, that may be why all the ones we have seen so far have the Union Gain attack. That way you can use a turn to get plenty of energy on a V-Union. The only problem is that your opponent will have a turn to put damage on your V-Union Pokemon. Thus, you will need to make good on your potentially one turn to attack with your V-Union.

If that is the case then you will need to make use of Energy acceleration mechanics such as Metal Saucer for Zacian V-Union, Frosmoth for Greninja V-Union and Shadow Rider Calrex for Mewtwo V-Union.

Only time will tell if V-Union Pokemon will be used. If they do not then they will become the thing of LEGEND.

Source: PokeBeach

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