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Team Rainbow Rocket Strikes USUM!

Team Rainbow Rocket
Get ready to face familiar foes and more in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!

Some new information about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was revealed today. Players can expect to see some old foes return, Legendary Pokemon and a new way to battle!

Team Rainbow Rocket
It was revealed today that Giovanni is up to no good with a new friends! That is because he has gathered the leaders of other criminal organizations to form Team Rainbow Rocket.

Team Rainbow Rocket is made up of Archie from Team Aqua, Maxie from Team Magma, Cyrus from Team Galactic, Ghetsis from Team Plasma, Lysandre from Team Flare and Faba from Aether Paradise. This team is made up of twenty years of villainy. It is a mystery what villians what to do with the Alola region. Though it is going to be up to a brave group of trainers to put a stop to their evil plans.


It is interesting to note the designs choices for some of these evil leaders. The ones that I want to point out is Archie and Maxie who are both in their Generation 3 designs.

Both of these characters received a design change for OmegaRuby & AlphaSapphire. Yet, the poster above shows them in their old designs. Could this be a hint that Team Rainbow Rocket has done something involving the multiverse? The Ultra Wormhole in the image above hints this. Also, the Archie and Maxie from ORAS seem to have changed their ways at the end of ORAS. Perhaps using Archie and Maxie from the Ruby and Sapphire universe is a way to respect the character development these characters received in ORAS while also allowing them to be represented in Team Rainbow Rocket.

It is also worth nothing that Ghetsis is in his outfit from Black & White. This could mean that Giovanni has picked up what he thought was their most powerful versions of these villains.

Either way, it looks like the trainers of Alola are up for a huge challenge by going up against the worst people in the Pokemon universe.

Battle Against Legendaries from the Ultra Wormholes!
Legendary Pokemon
Pokemon Trainers can travel the Ultra Wormholes to battle various of Legendary Pokemon. These Legendary Pokemon will be from all previous games. Though, different Legendaries can vary from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. You will need to trade between games to unlock certain Legendaries to be captured in your game.

Battle Agency, Totem Stickers and Island Scan
Battle Agency
Trainers can also now enter the Battle Agency to unlock special rewards. You can now wear a special pair of sunglasses to take on battle missions and rent Pokemon. Trainers can enter this battle facility to rent powerful Pokemon and challenge trainers. The goal is to try to win their way to being the best of all the agents.

The more battles the trainers win means that they can receive valuable items like Gold Bottle Caps. The types of Pokémon that can be rented for these battles increases as players mingle with other players locally or on the Nintendo Network.

Trainers can also now collect Totem Stickers. You can travel across Alola to collect Totem Stickers. These stickers will allow you to receive Totem sized Pokemon based on the number of stickers that you have collected.

Lastly, new Pokemon can be found in Island Scan. Some of these Pokemon include Charmander, Grovyle, Greninja and more!

It looks as if Pokemon trainers coming to Alola can expect plenty to do in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! Watch the trailer below for more details! Get ready because a brand new adventure awaits you on November 17th!

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