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The Rise of Pokemon MMD Videos

Steven, Archie and Maxie have the moves, dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.

MMD or ‘Mikumikudance’ is a program created to manipulate 3D models. So how does this relate to Pokemon? With Generation 6 now appearing in full 3D, Pokemon trainer models can now be used in MMD to create fun and silly video animations. Many of these involve characters from XY and ORAS dancing to popular songs such as Womanizer, Everybody, Anything You Can Do and Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). Steven, Archie and Maxie seem to be the most popular subjects.

May, Dawn and Hilda sing and dance to “Dream Fighter” by Perfume.

Pokemon MMD is not new, in fact, this popular video of May, Dawn and Hilda singing and dancing was created back in 2011 from fanmade models, but now that 3D models of Pokemon characters are widely available, it has become more popular and widespread.

As well as dance numbers, scenarios can also be created, such as this one featuring Archie and Maxie.

If you’re interested in making your own MMD videos, you can find many models publicly available on websites such as deviantArt. The MMD program allows you to animate the model’s movement and expression.

Lysandre, Archie, Maxie, Steven and Wally show off their stuff in Gangnam Style.

Pokemon MMD is a bit of fun. Plus, you always wanted to see Wally doing Gangnam style, right?

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