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What Happens When Thousands of People Try Playing the Same Game of Pokemon?

Most of us probably wouldn’t have much trouble playing through Red or Blue version… But what happens when thousands of us get together to attempt to play through the same game of Pokemon Red Version at the same time?

Chaos. And fun! And that’s exactly what’s happening right now on People can input commands (ie. “A”, “B”, “Start”) in an online text chat in order to guide Red through the game. The game picks up and performs each of the commands in order, making for some crazy, erratic playing and more than a little frustration!

After 72 hours, Red finally defeated Lt. Surge and earned his third badge, before spending over 15 hours stuck at a particular ledge on Route 9. Unfortunately, some people have been actively sabotaging the game by continuously opening the menu or trying to move Red in the wrong direction. Despite these challenges, progress is being made! Red is currently in Rock Tunnel after over 3 days of playing, and has Charmeleon, two Rattata, Pidgeotto, Farfetch’d and Drowzee on his team. You can keep track of the game’s progress on Reddit or join in on!

The fact that any progress has been made at all is testament to the determination and dedication of thousands of Pokemon trainers out there in cyberspace!

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