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Time for James to Rocket into Pokemon Masters!

James Team Rocket Masters
Time to make it double with James!

That is James & Weezing are being added as a Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters! All of this is part of a new event coming to Pokemon Masters and to tie-in with Pokemon the Movie: Coco.

Blasting Off Again

A brand new event involving Team Rocket has started in Pokemon Masters. “Blasting Off Again” will feature the Rocket Trio trying to steal Pokemon during a a fireworks festival on the island of Pasio. This event will end with you adding James & Weezing as a Sync Pair.

The addition of James & Weezing will surely sludge off your opponent’s plan as you have plenty of Poison type attacks at your disposal. “Blasting Off Again” will run until January 24th, 2021.

Family Ties Event Update

Family Ties
Lusamine & Pheromosa, Lillie & Clefairy, and Gladion & Silvally can now be added to your teams via Spotlight Scouts. All three Sync Pairs bring something unique to your battle as a fierce attacker, a tech or a supporter type Sync Pair. You can also make them better by making them in to Six Star EX Sync Pairs.

You can also battle more Sync Pairs under the Family Ties Event. These battles involve fighting against Team Break. You will need to prepare for a long fight as the first one has you pitted against nine Team Break members. Best of luck!

You will have until September 30th to complete the Family Ties event.

Have fun and best of luck in your Spotlight Scouts!

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