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Together We Raid: A 5th Anniversary Update

raid together
Achieve great things when Raiding with friends in Pokémon GO!

It’s been four years since Raids were first introduced in Pokémon GO. Millions of Trainers have fought to take down Raid Bosses and Legendary Pokémon, together with friends and remotely around the world. A change is happening not only the the aesthetics of the Raid arena, but also, achievements will be rewarded based on various things. Read on for full details on what you can expect to find.

Trainer Achievements

Trainers of all skill levels can bask in the glory of seeing their name in lights. Various achievements will be rewarded after a Raid. Achievements are as follows:

  • Delivering the final attack
  • Dealing the most damage overall
  • Keeping a single Pokémon in battle for the longest time of all participants
  • Using the tallest Pokémon among all participants in battle
  • Joining the raid from furthest distance
  • Using a Mega-Evolved Pokémon during the battle
  • Changing your avatar’s clothing or pose
  • Using the most Charged Attacks of all participants

Earning an achievement will unlock a medal that can be levelled up from bronze, to silver, to gold. You will also be able to download your Trainer Achievement Card to social media if you so choose.

Updated Visuals

You may also notice that the arena that the Raid and Gym battles take place in have been given a visual makeover. Team banners are flying and a crowd is there to cheer you on. I’ve played through some of these battles and it feels real cool to be cheered on. It really does make the battles feel more epic. For full detail, check out The Pokémon GO Blog.

As most of the world starts to open up again, the world of Pokémon GO is alive and changing for the better. While you may not agree with all the changes that have recently been announced, please remember to be kind to others and direct your feedback to the appropriate channels.

It’s easy to get lost behind the facade of an online profile. The person on the other side is human and has feeling, and nothing is worth abusing someone else for. Especially a game that is designed to build community and friendship.

We here at PXR wish to send our love to The Pokémon GO Social Media Manager, Liz George. Thank you for all you do for us! Your charisma, and caring for this community has not gone unnoticed. #LoveForLiz

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