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First Pokemon Memories: Neo Emolga

Neo Emolga
Everybody has memories and musing because of Pokemon. Some of them are good and others are bad. Now that Pokemon is about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, I thought now would be a great time for everybody to look back at their first Pokemon memories. The good, the bad and the frustrating.

Today we are going to showcase one of those memories shared by our forum Senior Moderator and long time Pokemon fan, Neo Emolga. His story involves Tamagotchis and thinking that Pikachu was a fat hamster. Read below to hear Neo Emolga’s story.


I really didn’t like Pokemon when it was first introduced. When it was first shown in Nintendo Power and I heard about it for the first time, I honestly thought it looked a little dumb and reminded me all too much of Tamagotchis when it came to the whole idea of owning virtual pets (and I really don’t have fond memories of Tamagotchis). Even after reading the first comic they stuffed in the magazine, I felt Ash was a dummy and Pikachu was a chubby yellow hamster and I had no interest in continuing after that. But then my brother and his friends talked me into buying it to trade and battle Pokemon and with a lot of skepticism, I shrugged and went along with it and got a copy of Pokemon Blue, really hoping I didn’t just waste my money.

So I started with a Charmander, and I quickly found the game appealing for the fact that you could capture and raise ANY Pokemon you met on the field and make it a permanent member of your team. Plus, if you wanted to change out one Pokemon for a different one that you liked more for whatever reason, it was totally okay! It was different from most other RPGs for the fact that it allowed you to build the team YOU wanted to build and not feel forced to only build up certain characters that you’re stuck with for the entire game. So you could build a team with only the Pokemon you liked and you wanted. I loved that! And no, it was NOT like Tamagotchi at all, because you didn’t HAVE to play with the critters, feed them all the time, put up with their whiny nonsense, or clean up their craps. I then totally believed there was absolutely no relation between Pokemon and Tamagotchi at all.

Shortly after, I then started watching the anime religiously (I got my butt out of bed super early to watch it), NOT because I thought Ash was cool, but it was neat to see the same critters from the game all animated now, doing battle, having a lot more personality, and become so much more alive than just pixels on the screen.

And the rest is history, but I definitely remember those first memories.

Thank you Neo Emolga for sharing your story! If you want to share your story then head over to our First Pokemon Memories thread or post yours in the comments!

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