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Twilight Masquerade Prerelease Weekend! Promos Revealed!

Prerelease promos
This weekend is Twilight Masquerade Prerelease Weekend!

Which means you can get a sneak peek of the upcoming Pokemon TCG set, Twilight Masquerade! This new set will introduce several new Pokemon to the Pokemon TCG. Some of these Pokemon include Orgepon and Bloodmoon Ursaluna!

If you want a chance to play with these new cards then you will want to hit a Twilight Masquerade Prerelease at your local card shop! These prereleases will be happening from Saturday, May 11th to Sunday May 12th.

To help you play in these events, all players in attendance will receive a Twilight Masquerade Prerelease Kit. This kit will include a 40 card deck and an exclusive prerelease promo. The special promos will be either one of the following: Froslass, Tatsugiri, Thwackey and Infernape.


The prerelease promo getting the most talk has been Tatsugiri. That is thanks to it’s ability, Attract Customers. It’s Attract Customers ability allows you to look at your top 6 cards from your deck. If there is a Supporter then then you can put it into your hand. Though, you can only use this ability if Tatsugiri is in the active.

This ability may sound similar to abilities from the past such as Jirachi’s Stealer Wish and Mew’s Mysterious Tail. Pretty much, Tatsugiri is a PokeGear 3.0 on a Pokemon. Combo this Pokemon with an Emergency Board and you have a Pokemon that can get out of the active easily and help find a much needed Supporter card.


If you want to give your opponent the cold shoulder then Froslass is your girl! Froslass’s Freezing Shroud ability allows you to put one damage counter on each of your opponent’s Pokemon with an ability. This can help put the pressure on your opponent if they rely heavily on Pokemon with Abilities. If they do not handle Froslass quickly then they may be down a Pokemon or two and you may see yourself up on Prizes.

Set up more then one Frosslass and that snow will build up on your opponent’s Pokemon. Though, be careful! Froslass’s Freezing Shroud also put damage counters on your own Pokemon with abilities.


If you want to have some fun and be wackey then you want Thwackey! This Pokemon is the leader of the festival with it’s Boom Boom Groove ability! This new ability works with a new archtype of cards that have the Festival Lead Ability. This new ability works with the new Stadium, Festival Grounds.

If you have a Pokemon with the Festival Lead Ability in the active then Thwackey’s Boom Boom Groove ability allows you to search your deck for any card. Perhaps you will use this ability to get a much needed ability. Maybe you need to grab a new Festival Grounds for your upcoming attack. You could use this ability to grab a new attacker for the upcoming turn. The possibilities are endless as Thwackey leads the groove!


Bring the fight and the head with Infernape! That is because Infernape has the Pyro Dance ability. This ability allows you to accelerate Basic Fire and/or Basic Fighting energy from your hand on to your Pokemon in any way you like.

This could help some Fire or Fighting decks who need some form of energy acceleration. If you are not careful then things will get hot once Infernape starts to dance.

Best of luck to anybody going to a Twilight Masquerade Prerelease in the upcoming weeks! Twilight Masquerade goes on sale at all stores on May 24th.

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