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Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal

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After over sixteen days of play, Twitch Plays Pokemon has finally ended with a stunning blow to the Elite Four.  Now, the adventure continues with Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal.  Back with a new game and continued craziness, it continues the madness and fun that started with the original games.  19 hours into this adventure, our fearless leader is in Azalea Town, wandering aimlessly still.  To join in on the fun, head over to the Twitch page (Twitch Plays Pokemon On Twitch).

Polygon has an interview with the anonymous creator, who came up with the idea by combining viewer interaction and his or her love enthusiasum for generation one and two games. Ars Technica also notes the technical issues surrounding Twitch Plays Pokemon on Twitch’s physical infrastructure.  How crazy was it?  Twitch reports that in the 16+ hours of Pokemon, 122 million messages were sent by 1.1 million individuals.

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