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Typhlosion! Back for One More Raid Weekend!

So make sure you fight Typhlosion while you can! The Seven Star Typhlosion Raids are back! Just like before, Typhlosion will have the Ghost Tera Type. These raids will run from from April 21st to 23rd!

Typhlosion the Mighty Details

This Typhlosion will have the Ghost Tera Type. It can be found in Seven Star Raids and will be at Level 100. When captured, Typhlosion will have the Mightiest Mark.

If you decide to take on Typhlosion then you can expect it to use the following moves: Eruption, Shadow Ball, Play Rough, Earthquake and Sunny Day.

Remember, you can only catch one Typhlosion from the event. Though, you can battle it as many times as you want for some amazing raid rewards!

Typhlosion the Mighty Advice

Need some advice on taking on Typhlosion? Well, I can tell you from my personal experience that you will want to use Annihilape or Dachbun. It all depends on what is brought to your raids.

If you only see that your party is bringing one Annihilape then go ahead and take out one of you own! You will want to open up with Screech. That way it will lower Typhlosion’s Defense. Once you do that then your Rage Fist will be hitting much harder against Typhlosion. You will faint a few times but the idea is that by the time the timer gets to low then Typhlosion will be taken out.

If your team has two Annihilape then go ahead and bring Dachbun. You will be playing the support rule in the raid. Your plan is to at least attack Typhlosion with two Snarl attacks. You won’t be doing much damage but you will be lowering Typhlosion’s Special Attack. That way it’s Eruption and Shadow Ball will do less damage. From there you want to use Howl to not only up your own Attack but also the Attack of your allies. That way Ahhihilape’s Rage Fist will be doing even more damage! Sprinkle in some Heal Cheers and you will pretty much guarantee a win. If you get a little bit more damage then use Crunch and Helping Hand.

Best of luck this weekend with Typhlosion!

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