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Mysterious New Pokemon! Soon to be Debut!

New Pokemon
Looks like we are getting teases of the hidden treasures of Area Zero!

In the first episodes of Pokemon Horizons, a mysterious Pokemon has appeared! This new Pokemon seems to be residing as the pendant around Liko’s neck, one of the protagonists. The pendant was seen to transform into this mysterious Pokemon when Liko was in danger. After the the danger has passed, the Pokemon reverted back into the pendant.

What is Known?

Pretty much nothing!

Just by looking at this new Pokemon, we can guess it has something to do with the Legendary Pokemon Terapagos. Though, there is no name or type to this Pokemon as of right now. It may be small and not particularly strong but it can help a friend when they are in trouble! It will produce a protective shield by crystallizing the energy in its body.

Only time can will tell what this new Pokemon is. Especially as we get closer to the release of the he Hidden Treasure of Area Zero and leave the Paldea region.

Ongoing Conversation